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Strain Review: Mimosa by Fields Family Farmz

Strain: Mimosa
Product Type: Flower, Sativa Leaning Hybrid
Grower: Fields Family Farms 
Cultivation Type: Indoor
Dominant Terpene: Myrcene
Price: $30 1/8th


Mimosa from Fields Family Farmz gets 4.5 buds out of 5 buds!! You should try this weed if you want something uplifting! 


Introduction & Lineage of the Mimosa Strain : 

Who doesn’t like a mimosa with breakfast on the weekend?? This special Mimosa has all the citrusy flavor on the front end without the nasty twinge of liquor on the back end. Weedmaps credits the creation of the Mimosa strain to Symbiotic Genetics, crossing Purple punch with Clementine. Mimosa won second place at the 2018 High Times cannabis cup in the Sativa category. This strain’s dominant terpene is Myrcene, a biphasic terpene that can produce uplifting effects when consumed in moderation and produce sedative effects when consumed in excess. In simpler terms, treat this like you would an actual mimosa, one or two, and you’re ready to crush the day, five or six, and you’re headed for a nap.


This specific Mimos crop grown by Fields Family Farms has a lighter green color with dark purples blended throughout the bud structure. Finishing the look with medium-length orange pistils and a dense coating of trichomes from bud to leaf to stem, this eighth has a mix of medium to small nugs that are hand trimmed.

Mimosa Strain close up nug shot


The first smell of this Mimosa immediately reminds me of Sunny D or tang, that citrus drink that isn’t quite a real orange but is super sweet. There are dominant notes of citrus, earthiness, and sweetness. The smell is definitely there, but it isn’t “blowing my hair back” loud.

After Grind Notes:

After grinding, I expected the nose to get louder and present different notes, but honestly, it stayed pretty light and didn’t noticeably change. What did change, though, was the color; there must have been a lot of purple hiding under the surface because when I opened the grinder, I was surprised to see how the dominant color changed from green to dark rich purples. 


The smoke from this crop of Mimosa was very clean and light, just like the lemon cherry gelato from Fields Family Farmz; they have their drying and curing process down pat. There was no bitter aftertaste, and the film in my mouth was silky. There was just a hint of heat at the end of my exhale, but overall very tasty, very clean, and an enjoyable smoking experience. 

As I have said before, Fields Family Farmz knows what they are doing, and you can taste that fact in their products!

Terpenes & Effects of the Mimosa strain:

Doing some research on Weedmaps and Leafly, we find that users experience happy, level-headed effects leaving you feeling uplifted or even energetic. 

“Medical marijuana patients choose this strain to help relieve symptoms associated with depression and stress.” – Leafly.

Weedmaps says that Mimosa has become a popular daytime use strain, giving users an energetic and uplifting high. 

Myrcene is a monoterpene with biphasic effects, meaning if you consume a little, it will give you an uplifting experience, and if you consume a lot, you will get a sedative experience.

From the Weed Library:

  • Scientists have found that cannabis strains with high concentrations of Myrcene (>0.5%) are likely to induce a sedative effect, whereas those low in β-myrcene (<0.5%) may cause an energetic “high.” 
  • Myrcene has been shown to increase the effects of other cannabinoids by helping them reach receptors in the brain due to its ability to lower resistance across the blood-brain barrier.
  • Studies have suggested that ß-myrcene could act as an analgesic and antinociceptive agent similar to opioids while also having antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anticancer properties


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