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Strain Review: Tang Eray by Lemonnade

Product Type: Flower, Sativa Hybrid
Grower: Mad Cow Genetics
Cultivation Type: Indoor
Dominant Terpene: Terpinolene or Myrcene
Price: $45 1/8th

Tang Eray by Lemonnade is a very stimulating and tasty weed! I give it 4 out of 5 nugs!

Introduction & Lineage:

Tangeray is a cross between Cactus Cooler and Lemonnade. There isn’t very much online about this strain but from what I could find on leafly that it is a bred by Cookies and Growing Passion’s Lemonnade project.


This specific batch of Tang Eray is a very light lime green with short orange hairs. The bud structure is a little fluffy and and airy. The trichomes are very short and it looks like these buds were heavily manicured or tumble trimmed in a machine.

Tang Eray by Lemonnade


The first smell of this Tang Eray by Lemonnade is a very strong citrus zest, not like the sweet citrus of an orange but more like the peel of a lime and grapefruit with light piney notes and crisp finish.

After Grind Notes:

After grinding, you can see that this flower stays light lime green through and through. They did a good job of curing and drying this weed, it breaks apart easily in the grinder and my fingers were sticky when trying to roll up a joint.


The smoke from this crop of Tang Eray by Lemonnade was very smooth, no heat at the back of my throat and had a clean finish. The high was very stimulating and I feel like it had me pretty clear minded, I tried doing homework after the taste test and even though I felt pretty much there, it definitely still slowed down my ability to calculate mortgages, lol.

Tang Eray Terpenes & Effects:

Doing some research on weed maps and leafy, I found that there really wasnt much about Tang Eray by Lemonnade, which is a shame because this chemovar really does slap.

Cactus cooler, one of the strains crossed into Tang Eray, has Terpinolene as the dominant terpene, which on smelling this batch I feel like i get those light piney notes.

Leafly says the dominant terpene is Myrcene, but I am not sure about that because in my research high myrcene content is connected to stoney couch locking weeds not really stimulating sativas like Tang Eray.

From the Weed Library:

Leafly reports that Myrcene is the dominant terpene present; from our research at WeedSociety, we have found that Myrcene may provide these unique properties:

•Myrcene is a Monoterpene found in almost every cannabis strain, with two types Alpha & Beta Myrcene.

• Studies have shown that consuming myrcene can induce sedative qualities (“couch-lock effect”) or an energetic “high” depending on its concentration.

• It has been proven to increase the effects of cannabinoids by lowering the resistance across the blood brain barrier and helping them reach receptors in the brain.

• Medical studies indicate that ß-myrcene has analgesic, sedative, anti-diabetic, antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties as well as antibacterial and anticancer effects.

• It is also found naturally in basil thyme mangos lemongrass eucalyptus hops and cannabis strains like Granddaddy Purple Harlequin 9lb Hammer Afghan Moon Aliens on Moonshine Blue Dream Mandarin Dream Strawberry Switchblade TruBerry OG etc., which smell earthy mildly sweet peppery musky depending on its concentrations with other terpenes present .

• Research indicates it takes 30 minutes to 1 hour for Myrcense to kick into full absorption with an elimination half life of 285 minutes peaking at 2 – 4 hours

As for Terpinolene, here are the spark notes from our deep dive in the Weed Library:

Terpinolene is a monoterpene found in many plants, fruits, and herbs including nutmeg, cumin, apples and cannabis.

• It has a sharp aroma reminiscent of pine needles or woody notes such as cedarwood.

• Recent studies suggest that terpinolene could have multiple therapeutic benefits when consumed or applied topically; these include light anti-anxiety effects as well as reducing inflammation & pain levels in mice models.

• Additionally it may act an antioxidant & anticancer supplement!

• Terpinolene can help support healthy sleep cycles by reducing stress levels without causing sedation/drowsiness; it also has antibacterial properties which could treat bacterial infections & potent anticancer properties for fighting cancer cells.

• Consuming products made from marijuana strains containing high amounts of this unique compound can provide users with potential health benefits such as improved sleep patterns, reduced anxiety/depression symptoms etc., making it worth trying out if looking for natural relief from ailments!

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