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How to Fix a Running Joint

A runnning joint is a nightmare! If you are smoking a joint and it starts to burn uneven follow these tips to fix it!


00:00:00:12 – 00:00:16:23 Unknown Welcome to the Weed Society How two series. Today we’re going to be rolling a joint in five easy steps. Rolling a joint can be tough, but with a little bit of patience and some practice, you can definitely be roll your own fattty no sweat. And today, I promise by the end of this video, we’re going to be smoking together. 00:00:17:13 – 00:00:34:20 Unknown All right, so let’s get started. So step number one is going to be collecting our supplies that we need to roll this joint. I got my flower right here. I’ve got papers. I’m going to be rolling these king slims by raw but I know when I first started out, these felt like they were too long for me. It was a lot to handle.

00:00:35:03 – 00:00:55:22 Unknown So if you’re a beginner, I definitely recommend this one and a quarter length papers The nice thing about these raws are They also come with crutches, and I broke my joints with crutches, but it’s totally optional. That’s up to you. I’ve got my lighter here. And then I have a grinder. I like grinding my weed that I roll in to joints, but that’s also optional.

00:00:55:22 – 00:01:17:12 Unknown You can definitely break up your buds with your fingers or however you want to do it. I’mma start out here by breaking up these buds and put them in my grinder here. Try to keep it pretty even in there And then if there’s budsds that have like a big stem hanging out, I like to break those off and take them out.

00:01:18:09 – 00:01:26:01 Unknown One because they’re harsh to smoke on, and that stem can get in that joint and poke a hole in your in your paper.

00:01:30:13 – 00:01:55:07 Unknown Yeah. Looks good. Cool. Next, I’m going to take here, we’re going to do step number two and pull out our papers. We’re going to fill our joint and see on this paper here. And the gum line right here, the shiny bit. I’m going to have that facing up. But on the far side, away from me and set that down that I’m a roll a crutch.

00:01:55:18 – 00:02:18:11 Unknown I do a quick tip on how I roll these crunches. I like to fold a little w into it, so I’ll do one little fold like that hot dog style. I guess and then I’ll just keep following that back and forth until it makes a little w. So that’s really like four folds depending on the size of the joint I want to do.

00:02:18:11 – 00:02:44:15 Unknown I might add a couple more if I want a big fat crutch in there. And then I’ll take all this extra paper after I make those folds and I’ll pull it over and roll it in there. And then I give it once I get it all rolled up in there and give it a little squeeze kind of to lock in that form, and then you can play with it to loosen up and make it bigger or whatever size you really want your crutch to be.

00:02:45:01 – 00:03:06:17 Unknown And that should block all the weed from going in your mouth and place that down on the paper on the far end. Now add this weed in here and when I when I’m rolling joints especially as a beginner, I felt like it was easier to roll a joint that had more weed in it because it gave like more space to try and tuck the paper in to actually roll the joint.

00:03:07:07 – 00:03:29:00 Unknown And it’s totally cool for a weed to fall out. That’s why I have a tray like this to catch it right So I had to start to pick up this paper. Now I pick it up from the corners like this, and then I’m grabbing this side that has the crutch and I’m pinching the paper on that crutch. So now it gives it the nice stability and kind of starts to form.

00:03:29:00 – 00:03:51:00 Unknown a cone Im gonna take this finger and start to press this weed down and kind of make it more uniform pushing this line in so that we doesn’t fall at the top and make it so it looks nice and uniform. I like to push weed up towards the crutch so that you get nice packing right here and makes it really stable.

00:03:51:11 – 00:04:25:18 Unknown And then I’m going to take these fingers and I’m just going to put them on both sides of the paper and pinch it together and rub up and down. Like if this joint wasn’t in my hand, really, I’m just putting my fingertips together and rubbing them up and down and that starts to roll the joint and, and pat down the weed and form that cone shape so then I’ll come here with this left finger and clean this up as I go down the joint and I’m starting to pinch and roll, seeing just rolling those fingertips up and down.

00:04:27:03 – 00:04:45:12 Unknown And my big piece of advice here is just take it. Take your time. Any time that I’ve messed up a joint, it was because I rushed this part. This part like if you roll a joint well and you do this part really well, the paper will really start to tuck itself in. A lot of times the joint just roll itself.

00:04:45:12 – 00:05:13:02 Unknown If you take your time and do this part right and you don’t want to pack it too tight, but you’re trying to make that round shape of the joint as you go you know, come back to the same ones. I feel like I have a pretty well rolled there. I’m push my crutch in and I’ll start by tucking the paper right here on this crutch, which I feel makes it really easy to do, and then also make sure that it rotate enough around the crutch that it doesn’t just fly out.

00:05:13:23 – 00:05:41:09 Unknown And this can take some time and don’t rush yourself. Just breathe. This is I know where I usually get worked up when I was first rolling joints and then I got this gun line over here. I’m just going to let this and stick it on there and rub it down my finger to make sure I get a good seal on it.

00:05:44:07 – 00:06:15:19 Unknown Now, I got my joint pretty much rolled, so I’m going to come down here and I’m a clean it up by pushing my crutch in so it’s flush with the paper. I’ll come to the top and I’ll pack it in. I like to do it my finger. Usually I roll my joints fat enough that I can pack on with my pinky but you can use whatever you want and you can use like a pen or something and come in here and press it down another way that people are going to pack on is you can twist them or shake them like this.

00:06:17:08 – 00:07:38:23 Unknown You just making sure all that weight is in their pack evenly. So it helps that smoke even to, so you dont have all those runs and I just twist it here at the top to get that usual cone finish yeah. And you go nice rolled up joint! Well, thanks for watching this video. Really appreciate it. Hope you guys got you enjoy it right front of you and the sesh when I first like my joints I to roll them between my fingers like this so that it gets a nice even burn to it down the side of the paper kind of helps it go. Mm Tasty joint!

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